With the onset of digital transformations Outdoor Menuboards have been a tough one to monetise. Traditionally the price has been too high and the running costs have been expensive due to older technologies managing the heat and visual optimisation.
We at Fingermark have had 12 years building Outdoor Kiosks and Screens. We have folded our experience into creating the best Outdoor Menuboard on the market today.

What makes it so good?

From our research customers are changing to digital in the drive-thru based on three reasons. Opportunity for sales uplift, efficiencies in distributed content and then importantly consumer perception.
Our job is to build something which is robust enough to withstand the demanding elements, but also something that is beautiful enough to give that drive-thru a real face lift! More importantly you'll be surprised by the price! After-all, this is where the majority of your sales are coming from.

This is the time to move, do you want to be a leader or a follower?




Thanks to an IP rated, sealed enclosure our Digital Cell is the perfect signage solution for a variety of outdoor environments.

The slim-line panel is light-weight and able to withstand harsh weather conditions from -20C to 60C (32F to 140F). Our in-built temperature control system cools when it’s warm, while heating technology allows for a smooth startup in subzero climates.



We firmly believe in cutting costs for our customers; Fingermark units are designed for quick installation with multiple mounting options and self-sufficient setup. All that’s required is a stable surface and power lead for connection.



We believe in offering a cost-effective solution, that’s also environmentally sustainable.

Due to our unique passive technology, we are proud to say our cells are 40% more power efficient than other models. Our units can run on just 80c a day, with new developments set to cut costs even further.


more efficient than
traditional units


2 Hours

average install time


At Fingermark we believe clarity is the key to an optimal viewer experience.

Our displays go through an optical bonding process that reaches far beyond the function of the screen to enhance clarity, reduce solar effects and minimise glare.

They are fitted with an auto-dimming system which adjusts according to brightness levels ensuring much greater visibility day or night.


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